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How Much Dog Beds Should A Dog Have?

What number of dog beds should a dog owner have? Is it really necessary for a dog to have more than one dog bed? It may seem excessive to give your dog more than one bed, but there are legitimate situations where a second or third bed could be helpful for you and your dog. The needs of your dog and their age will determine the type of dog bed you choose. For example, older dogs and dogs with arthritis can benefit from a bed with memory foam or orthopedic cushioning. The first bed a puppy gets will be the same as a crib for a baby. It is one thing to upgrade or swap out a dog bed for another, but it is quite another to have multiple dog beds. Let’s take a look at some reasons dog owners might have more than one dog bed for their pets.

Why would my dog need more than one bed?

There are many practical reasons to have more than one dog bed in a single dog household.

  1. You may spend your time in several rooms of your house

Is your dog allowed to sleep anywhere you are? Many dog owners live in multi-room apartments or homes and have multiple dog beds. It is a good idea to have more than one dog bed in your house if you have a velcro dog that likes to follow you around.

You don’t have to be bed-crazy. You don’t have to put a bed in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or garage. Only the places you use most often. You deserve a place for your dog to relax while you work, watch TV, or just take a break in your bedroom.

  1. Travel

A travel bed for your dog is a great thing to have. It allows them to sleep in a comfortable spot wherever you are. Your furry friend will love having a place to lay down or sit during car rides.

  1. Visit fur-friends

It can be helpful to have an additional pet bed for family members or friends who have pets that visit you overnight. If you are willing to pet sit a friend’s or family member’s dog, you’ll be very happy to have one. You may not want your dog to share his bed.

  1. Crate training

Your canine friend will require a bed that fits in the crate if you’re crate training him or her. For dog crates, an around or donut-shaped dog bed is ideal, but it is not suitable for living rooms or offices. A rectangular dog bed is the best size for a dog cage or kennel. It is dense but not too flat so that your dog can move freely.

  1. You want your dog to stay off the furniture

You will need multiple dog beds if your pets are not allowed to use the furniture. Give them the best dog beds that they will love to use. It’s easier for your dog to resist the temptation of jumping up on the couch if it has its spot.

What to look for in a dog bed

A dog bed’s washability is something pet owners should be looking for. It’s much easier to clean up a machine-washable dog bed, or a bed that has a removable cover that you can throw in the washer.

Another factor that can affect your dog’s health and well-being is temperature regulation. Climates can change. A self-warming dog bed is a great option for winter snuggling. You can swap the heating pad for a mat or cooling pad in summer to keep your dog’s body heat cool.

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